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A high-tech couple. A farmer. A family business. These are just a few of the thousands of people experiencing the adventure, purpose, and joy of giving with the National Christian Foundation (NCF). They're dreaming big, simplifying their giving, and multiplying their impact for their favorite causes in ways they ever imagined possible. Enjoy their stories below, and visit to learn more about NCF.

Leveraging a buy-out for more impact

When Clyde and Sue Lear learned that they could maximize their impact by gifting their business interests before a large corporate buy-out, they were thrilled. Watch how they leveraged this gift to help build the first Young Life camp in the Midwest. Read the story

Going beyond the check to give more

Craig and April Chapman went beyond writing checks to serving the homeless in Seattle. They also went beyond the check to give stock in their privately held tech company before they sold it. The result was $500,000 more to charity. Read the story

Inside Giving podcast

Hosted by NCF's Boyd Bailey and John Putnam, our 15-minute Inside Giving podcast episodes feature inspiring stories of biblical generosity on a variety of topics to help you grow in wise, joyful giving. Listen now or subscribe on iTunes

Leading a generous business

Casey Crawford’s company, Movement Mortgage, is the fastest growing mortgage bank in the nation, and he has the audacious goal to make it the most generous. His relationship with NCF has been instrumental in making that happen. Read the story.

Inspiring a generous community

Jess and Angela Correll’s sense of stewardship has brought their small town of Stanford, Kentucky back to life. Through Jess' bank and a variety of businesses, the local economy is growing into a prosperous and generous community. Watch the video

Giving before the sale

Andy Andreas grew his bathroom remodeling business from a start-up in his garage to one of the fastest growing companies of its kind. When it came time for a lucrative buy-out, NCF helped him turn it into his greatest Kingdom impact. Read the story

Taking generosity to the next level

When Kim King made a $250,000 grant recommendation “by accident,” she propelled her giving forward like never before. Now Kim is a major donor making a major difference in a ministry to South Sudan through her Giving Fund. Read the story

Supporting a friend in need

Roy Moore, and other friends in NCF's community of givers in South Florida, learned how to support their friend, Bert de Vries, and his wife, Christine, after Bert’s terminal diagnosis with ALS. Bert's journey became a faith lesson for them all. Read the story

Uniting givers for change

A transformation is taking place in inner-city Indianapolis. Inspired by givers through our Indy office, a group of churches, schools, ministries, and even the city government are reaching the city's most underserved neighborhoods. Watch the video

A family mission trip inspires giving

After life in the NFL, Todd and Susan Peterson longed for a vacation to help their family grow closer. Little did they know a trip to Africa would shift their focus away from materialism to a life of giving together. Read the story

Engaging the next generation

Jimmy Pursell grew his company into one of the largest producers of coated fertilizer in the world. Today, his son, David, is using the business to support needy children as he inspires his own children to be generous through their Giving Funds. Read the story

Giving real estate for real impact

Often using what’s in your hand instead of what’s in your wallet can make a huge difference when it comes to giving. Learn how one family was able to give much more to charity by gifting land instead of cash. Read the story